Butterknife is the last missing piece of the puzzle that makes
Linux-based desktop OS deployment a breeze. Butterknife complements your
Puppet or Salt infrastructure and reduces the time you spend
setting up Linux-based desktop machines.

Butterknife features

We basically mixed Linux Containers with Btrfs filesystem and that resulted in pure awesomeness:

Butterknife demo

Check out following demo to see how Butterknife works in production:

Also check out interview at Hacker Public Radio.

For people without superpowers

It's easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Download provisioning image
  2. Write it on a memory stick or boot it on a virtual machine
  3. Start up the machine and follow instructions on the screen

If something doesn't work as expected please make sure you have updated the provisioning image, we're still expecting some changes that might break stuff. If that was not helpful check out #butterknife channel on Freenode.

For bearded sysadmins

For in-depth instructions take a look at GitHub, generally speaking it works as following:

Join the #butterknife channel on Freenode for discussion and learn more about how you can make best out of Butterknife.

For developers and hardcore hackers

Check out what's baking at GitHub and chip in for a conversation at #butterknife channel on Freenode. Before ranting and trolling please skim through the FAQ and read the paper ;)

Thank you section

I'd like to thank:

You are awesome!

Few words about dev

Lauri developed Butterknife as part of his MSc thesis at KTH while preparing for deployment of 4000+ dual-boot desktops and laptops of Tallinn Education Board . Butterknife is released under MIT license, feel free to share and improve.

Butterknife by Lauri Võsandi